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Pedal & Paddle Physical Education Program

Active bodies make for active minds, and it is upon this idea San Diego Bike and Kayak founded Pedal & Paddle Physical Education Program (PPPEP). If you want to make a difference in a San Diego City school, you can promote the means to a healthy lifestyle with this free program. Call our store at (858) 454-1010 for details or for an application.

What is PPPEP?

San Diego Bike & Kayak, Inc. would like to proudly partner with your school to promote the benefits of physical education and activity. Help promote the need for athleticism and physical activity in our youth today.

With San Diego Bike & Kayak’s Pedal & Paddle Physical Education Program we will:

  • Introduce the sport of ocean kayaking to San Diego City School students
  • Promote the unique experience and observations that are only available on a bicycle

  • Share alternative opportunities and venues for healthy lifestyles

  • Reinforce the idea that exercise and physical activity is fun, enjoyable and helps activate the mind

  • Teach environmental awareness and about the unique habitats specific to San Diego and Southern California

Why is PPPEP Important?

There is an overwhelming need for athleticism and physical activity in our youth today.  An active, motivated youth will be better equipped to overcome and persevere in the face of challenges, not only in the classroom, but also later on in life.

San Diego is renowned for its favorable weather conditions, making our city a wonderful place for outdoor activity all year.  Often San Diego locals do not take advantage of the outdoor amenities that exist in their own backyard with as much excitement as we see from our tourists and visiting guests. We hope to promote outdoor opportunities in San Diego that might otherwise be overlooked, such as biking and kayaking.

Contact us to find out how we can work with your school to invest in the future and health of San Diego’s youth. Call (858) 454-1010.