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White Lady Cave

Tell Me About White Lady Cave

White Lady is probably the most inaccessible cave opening among the La Jolla Sea Caves. This easternmost cave is often bombarded with crashing waves, creating a white mist engulfing the cave. White Lady, named for her long, bustled-dress silhouette and white sea spray, is located on the eastern corner of the sea cliff. In front of the cave White Lady there are lots of larger rocks in the ocean that create crashing waves and white wash.

This eastern area of the cliff-side is often inaccessible due to the high surf activity. Pictures have been taken of 30-foot waves forming in the area. The picturesque experience is only out-marveled by the placid conditions during the summer months of July, August and September.  Please feel free to call us for extended forecasts, and up to date swell chart information.

Call 858 454-1010 and any of our customer service representatives can give you wind, wave, and other tidal information about the ocean conditions in La Jolla Shores and La Jolla Cove. Be sure to inquire about our kayak tours and snorkeling tours and ask about advance booking discounts.

It’s hard to imagine the huge difference between the ocean conditions in the two very distinct seasons. During the summer months, the conditions are quite calm for kayaking and snorkeling along the La Jolla Cove. White lady and the other sister caves can be explored on select days during the summer; however, most often are considered a “look but don’t touch” portion of the La Jolla Sea Caves.

We do see the occasional surfer during the big wave season; however, it is not advisable. Not only are the waves very large, the jagged rocks underneath the shallow waters are enough to detour all but the most daring surfing enthusiast.

These Waves are for Watching, Not for Surfing!

We invite you to kayak the caves of La Jolla with one of our stable sit-on-top ocean kayaks. Kayaking in La Jolla Shores is fun for all ages, and no experience is necessary for kayak rentals or tours of the La Jolla Cove. We do ask all kayak rentals to stay clear of the seven caves; however, if you would like to enter the sea caves we have multiple tour times everyday. Please join one of our guided Tour of the 7 Caves to enter.

The seven sea caves of La Jolla have quite a history, and are a focal point of interest for many visitors and locals to the San Diego area. The waters within La Jolla Shores are all part of an Ecological Reserve that is protected by law. This Underwater Ecological Reserve prohibits the removal of any archeological artifacts or any marine life, sea creatures, mollusks, fish, etc.