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Sunny Jim’s Cave

Tell Me About Sunny Jim’s Cave

Sunny Jim’s cave is one of the only Sea Caves that is accessible by land. The inside of this prohibition cave is accessible by a hand-dug tunnel leading down from the historical landmark now called the The Cave Store.

goldfish point cave The cave was given the name “Sunny Jim” by Frank Baum, the author of The Wizard of Oz. Baum gave the cave this unique name because the shape of the cave’s opening resembled a cartoon mascot for British Force Wheat Cereal in the 1920s. The profile of this cereal character matched that of the cave opening, which can only be seen as a silhouette from inside the cave Store. We visit the inside of this cave towards the end of our La Jolla Freefall bike tour.

Once used to smuggle Chinese immigrants and contraband whiskey during Prohibition, this historical landmark is a famous spot for out-of-town visitors. No appointments are necessary; however, hours of operation do change based on day light, and season, so be sure to call before visiting. Or you can join one of our bike tours or kayak tours that leave daily, reservations are required.

Sunny Jim’s Cave Store

1913 Water WagonVisit the Cave Store in downtown La Jolla, where 144 wood steps lead down into Sunny Jim. Access the steps via the Cave Store: 1325 Cave St., off Coast Blvd. Contact The Cave Store for info at (858) 459-0746.

Or visit the Cave Store on our La Jolla bike tour. To book your spot on this fun bike tour, call (858) 454-1010 or save money online. Special pricing for advance tour reservations!

The entrance fee into the Cave is included in our bike tour price.