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Silver Strand

san diego shipping yardJust south of the Hotel Del Coronado lies the 7 mile Silver Strand State Beach. The Silver Strand got its name because of the nearly 3 miles of coastline on its western side that is typically trimmed with silver shells. The Silver Strand bike path connects with Imperial Beach to the south of City of Coronado, Coronado’s only connection to the mainland of San Diego.

Many people refer to Coronado as “Coronado Island,” even though it is truly not an island, but a peninsula connected only by the Silver Strand. Most people, locals and visitors alike, take the Coronado Bridge into Coronado, since it is the most effiecient way into this “Crown City.” However, Coronado is accessible by driving to Imperial Beach and then looping north along the Silver Strand on bike or by car.

san diego bike rideThe Silver Strand is sandwiched between San Diego Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The beaches along the Silver Strand are beautiful, clean, and more remote than Coronado’s beaches further to the north. There is also a paved 10 mile bike path all along the Silver Strand, making the Strand a haven for bicyclists, runners, and walkers. This is a great are to train, or just take a leisure bike ride around the island. We would love for you to join our San Diego Bike Tour in Coronado, or even explore the area on your own. This whole area is amazing, and will truly be a highlight of your trip to San Diego.

Camping and picnicking are popular along the Silver Strand State Beach, and there are about 100 RV parking spaces available to the public. There are also picnic tables, BBQ pits, and public restrooms & showers. Please feel free to call us for more information about our bike or kayak tours.

See you in San Diego!