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Orange Avenue

Take Me To Orange Avenue

Cruise the mellow street of Orange Avenue on our Tour de Coronado Bike Tour. This leisurely bike ride is fun and easy for the whole family. Orange Avenue is only one of the many stops we make on this Cornado adventure.

To book your bike tour, call (858) 454-1010 or save money online. Special pricing for advance tour reservations!

orange_ave_dinner Orange Avenue is the main drag in the quaint city of Coronado, the scene of restaurants, cafes, boutiques, hotels and souvenir shops, which can easily be seen on your bike ride. Orange Avenue was named after the many orange trees that once lined the center of the street. The City of Coronado was first developed in 1888, after orange trees were planted along this main road as the primary landscaping to beautify the area.

U.S. Navy men and women are often seen in the shops along Orange Avenue, as Coronado is home to the North Island Naval Air Station and Naval Amphibious Base. Coronado is home to about 26,000 people and many locals frequent Orange Avenue for dining, shopping, walking and general errands.

palm_tree_coronadoOrange Avenue also houses the Museum of History and Art, which has four galleries dedicated to the history and development of this unique area. The entire City of Coronado is in fact much like a museum itself, except even cleaner. The Historical landmarks, beautiful Victorian homes, and the delicate care in efforts of preservation makes this City one of the most beautiful parts of San Diego County. We even have to walk the bikes during a portion of this bike tour. Orange Avenue is also home to the Coronado Visitors Center, which is helpful for any newcomer or visitor to the area.

The most notable tenant along Orange Avenue is the historic Hotel Del Coronado at 1500 Orange Ave. This marks the middle point in our bike tour. The Hotel Del Coronado is easily spotted on Orange Avenue with its striking Victorian architecture and red tile roofing.

Orange Avenue is really the “Main Street” of Coronado’s isolated community and is a must see!