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Mission Beach

belmontparkWhat Can I Expect in Mission Beach?

Mission Beach is one of the younger, more lively beaches in all of San Diego. Mission beach is very popular for rollerblading, and biking. Check out Mission Beach on our La Jolla Freefall Bike Tour.

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Mission Beach borders Pacific Beach, and is similar to Pacific Beach in demographic, lifestyle and culture. To the east of Mission Beach lies Mission Bay.

South Mission Beach is home to the jetty: the only convergence point with Mission Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The main north and south road in Mission Beach is fittingly named Mission Boulevard.

Mission Beach is one of the most popular beach areas in San Diego and draws large crowds each year. Mission Beach has beach volleyball courts on its southern end and is popular for biking, running and walking along the boardwalk.

Mission Beach is most well-known for people watching. Eccentric locals and street entertainers can frequently be seen along Mission Beach and the Boardwalk. Mission Beach is also home to Belmont Park, a mini-amusement area that is complete with a roller coaster, mechanical wave and beachside eateries and bars.

The narrow boardwalk parallels the entire length of Mission Beach. Walking, biking, rollerblading, bicycling and related activities are permitted on the boardwalk, but speed is regulated and must be kept to 8 m.p.h. or less.

Different shops, eateries, and beach rental outfits surround Mission Beach. Mission Beach also has many small beach cottages on and around the boardwalk. Many of these residential homes are used as vacation rentals during the summer months.

Mission Beach is regularly manned by the lifeguard service and is very popular for surfing. The main lifeguard station in Mission Beach is at the foot of Ventura Street next to the roller coaster at Belmont Park.

The northern end of Mission Beach is bordered by residential properties, but there are some stores available on Mission Boulevard, a block or so from the beach.