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Crystal Pier

What is Crystal Pier?

crystal-pierEarl Taylor, a Kansas native, arrived in PB in 1923. He purchased and developed many parcels of land in the business district, within several blocks of the ocean. Crystal Pier is one of the many special San Diego spots that we stop by along our bike tours. The pier is part of the San Diego charm that we like to share with our biking visitors.

Dunaway’s Drugstore was one of the first businesses. It has been recreated in a popular wall mural on the southwest corner of Cass and Garnet. Kathleen King, a PB native, and her partner Paul Naton were commissioned to paint the historic scene during PB’s 1987 Centennial Year.

Crystal Pier was Taylor’s brainchild, built to entice visitors to the glory of beach living. It was dubbed “Pickering’s Pleasure Pier,” but builder Earnest Pickering’s precarious finances caused Earl Taylor to turn the project overt to Neil Nettleship and Ben Tye. The Pier received its grand opening on July 4th, 1927, complete with a midway, and its much-heralded cork-lined dance floor.  Unfortunately for local dancers, un-creosoted pilings allowed marine borers to nibble the pilings from below, forcing Crystal Pier to close for repairs. Today the Crystal Pier attracts many visitors, not only from our bike tours.

After 10 years of financial hardship that paralleled the Great Depression, the Pier reopened. This time, the midway was gone and 10 motel cottages had been added, along with promenade decks. A severe winter storm on January 27, 1983 tore away 240 feet of the Pier. In 1987, The City replaced the lost section, adding a sturdier, raised and widened fishing deck where The Crystal Pier Hotel sits today.

Discover San Diego with our La Jolla Freefall Bike Tour through the hip, relaxed community of Pacific Beach. PB now boasts 40,000 residents and 1,200 businesses; however, more than 100 years ago we were but a sleepy plot of dirt located next to the Pacific Ocean.

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