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Clam’s Cave

What’s Clam’s Cave?

The Clam’s Cave is the only cave opening in La Jolla that is visible from the street along Coast Blvd. The Clam’s Cave is double-sided, hence the name “the clam,” since a clam also has two sides.

The other caves in La Jolla are visible only from the ocean and the only way to explore these caves is by kayak or to swim. Kayaking to the La Jolla Caves is usually the most efficient, fun way to explore the La Jolla Cave area.

You must be on our kayak tour in order to enter the Clam’s Cave. We enter this cave on our kayak tour if the ocean conditions permit. The lifeguards require a guide certified in this area specifically, and you must be wearing a kayak helmet, which we provide for all our tour participants.

To book your kayak tour, call (858) 454-1010 or save money online. Special pricing for advance tour reservations!

The La Jolla Sea Caves are made up of compacted sandstone and are naturally formed. Over the years, the sandstone slowly eroded by wind, water and rain, creating seven caves that have been an attraction for over 100 years. The Clam’s unique shape allows kayakers to paddle through the cave’s entrance during calm ocean conditions.

Sea lions are usually found sunbathing nearby the Clam’s Cave on the rocks. Take a closer look at these California Sea lions while kayaking along side them on your La Jolla kayak tour or in your stable sit-on-top ocean kayak rental.

The seven sea caves of La Jolla have a lot of history associated with their names, and the La Jolla Caves are a point of interest for many visitors to the San Diego area. The La Jolla Caves sit within the Ecological Reserve off of La Jolla Shores and nearby La Jolla Cove.