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Customer Reviews

Read what our customers have to say about the SDBK experience!

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Andre E.

of Walnut, CA writes

This was SO much fun!

Our tour guides (Jonathan & Emily) were incredibly friendly and we had a great time without even realizing we were getting a little bit of a work out (or at least I was – I’m not sure how evenly the work ever gets distributed in a two person kayak). We had tons of jokes, educational info, physical exercise and before we knew it we had finished kayaking around for almost 2 hours and it was time to eat!

We will definitely be coming back for more!!!!!

Michael B.

of Chicago, Illinois writes

My girlfriend and I went on the Kayak tour of the 7 caves, which was easily the highlight of our trip to California.

First of all, we booked a 4pm tour, but we hit a bunch of traffic on the way.  They were incredibly accommodating and eventually just switched us to the 5pm tour for no extra charge.  When we got there the check-in process was quick and easy and everyone was super friendly.

The kayak trip itself was especially impressive with views of gorgeous cliffs and caves.  We got to kayak through the last cave with one of the guides, and got about as close as anyone could get to a colony of sea lions.

Adam and Spencer, the tour guides, were friendly and knowledgeable and made the tour both fun and educational.  They even took turns towing an elderly couple on the tour and did everything they possibly could to make sure that everyone was included.

It was such an awesome experience!  Well worth the money!!

Vicki A

of San Diego, California writes

I want to acknowledge our tour guide and say a special thank you! When I booked this tour I wanted the caves, when the weather made that impossible I thought about rescheduling. I am so glad we didn’t. This was my anniversary gift to my fiancé because he loves this type of stuff. It ended up being better than what I expected.

He LOVED it. He loved it though because our tour guide was so knowledgeable. He made every min of 2 hours a learning experience and that is what my fiance LOVED.

Granted I’d rather be in the spa somewhere, but Dave loves learning about the earth and animals and he soaked up every min of it. If we went out with someone who just worked the job, I don’t think we would have loved it so much. However, you can tell that that our guide 100% eats, breaths, and sleep the environment and that is what it so enjoyable.
I just want to say thank you, because it really made my fiancés day.


of Dallas writes

My five year old AND 26 year old had a great time!

Thank you making our S.D. trip SO memorable!



Our family kayaking experience was fantastic.  We were assisted throughout the process.  This included our initial arrival at your shop.

There were a total of ten of us going on our self-guided kayak trip. We changed into appropriate gear and were provided with wet suits and life jackets (all properly fitted). We then walked to the beach – very close to your shop and were again greeted by professionals who told us what to do;  more important than that, they got each of us out into the more calm waters without any of our kayaks dipping over!! This was no easy task.  We had 4 young children with us on the double kayaks (ages 6-10).

This was an unforgettable trip. I highly recommend it to anyone;  we felt safe throughout the entire 2 hours of kayaking and my grandchildren had a wonderful time.

Your staff provided excellent training at the beach and then got us on our way. This was a wonderful trip and we got to view the caves and saw lots of fish and could view the beauty of beach homes from the ocean.

Shannon O'Brien


We are writing you and San Diego Bike and Kayak for the generous donation on behalf of Johnny Power. The Movember Charity event was a big success and raised nearly $5,000! This will greatly ease the financial burden of cancer surgery bills. The effect of such warm community support is sure to aid Johnny Power in the process of healing.

Jack & Ellie Niebell


We were overwhelmed by the gracious and kind help from your tour guide Adam. He was patient as we struggled; without him him we would have given up.

In addition to the physical assistance which was so appreciated, we thoroughly enjoyed the wealth of information he shared about the bids, fish, etc.

Your company is indeed blessed to have Adam as one of your tour guides.

Thankful for Paddle Education


I wanted to thank your business for having your “Paddle for the Grade” program. I think it’s a great program that gives kids the incentive to work hard at academics. Your program also gives kids a wonderful opportunity to see and enjoy nature close up. Because of your program my kids and I get to ride the kayaks and it is always the highlight of our summer.

Thank you for encouraging and recognizing the importance of academics.

Char D.

of Minnesota writes

Just wanted to share a couple photos from our recent excursion with Bike and Kayak Tours.  My friend Elizabeth (who was petrified of the ocean!) and I loved this part of our trip and agree that it was our favorite part!  Although the weather and water was a bit chilly, it was warmer than the Minnesota weather we are used to!  We loved our tour guide Spencer who helped put us at ease and helped us avoid tipping! (Not an easy task for us!)
Thank you for an awesome time!


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Customer Reviews

My five year old and 26 year old had a great time! Thank you for making our trip SO memorable! Andrea of Dallas

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